iFFALCON offers huge discounts on its Eco-topical Inverter air conditioners

iFFALCON is offering appealing discounts on its existing range of Eco-topical Inverter air conditioners starting at INR 20,999, as part of the Great Home Appliance Sale on Flipkart. The sale is already live and is being conducted in two parts: 14th July – 19th July and 24th July – 29th July.

As part of the sale, the brand has exhibited 3-star ACs and one 5-star AC, having a capacity ranging between 1 ton and 2 ton. Powered by Google Assistant, these devices come with TCL Home companion app to offer voice control as well as smart connectivity.

iFFALCON offers huge discounts on its Eco-topical Inverter air conditioners

These ACs can function at a temperature as high as 60 degree Celsius. They sport a titan gold evaporator and condenser for enhanced efficiency and increased life span of these elements. They are also equipped with R-32 eco-friendly refrigerant that not only ensures lower power consumption but also minimizes greenhouse emissions to save the environment.

Other features include silver ion filter that prevents viruses from the accumulation and thus enables the device to release fresh and bacteria-free in-door air. They also come packed with a digital temperature display, 100% copper tubing and offers a 4-way airflow to keep the room cool and breezy.

Commenting on the same, iFFALCON spokespersons aid, “While smart TVs can keep consumers entertained, smart air conditioners can make entertainment more comfortable. At iFFALCON, we understand that new-age consumers look for both. The latest deals and discounts on our suite of ACs are planned in line with this vision. Through these offerings, we are ensuring that our consumers get the best technology at affordable price points. We will continue to innovate and expand our existing product portfolio to deliver the latest and unmatched tech advances to consumers without hurting their pockets.”

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