IIM Sambalpur introduces its official logo

IIM Sambalpur has recently unveiled its official logo. The newly introduced logo reflects the three core values the institute stands upon. It embraces and celebrates the institute’s Sambalpuri heritage. It establishes the fundamental beliefs that IIM Sambalpur aims to inculcate in its students. IIM Sambalpur as a new age IIM of the country intends to carve a niche path for itself that echoes in the logo. 


Prof Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM Sambalpur further adds, “We are extremely delighted to present our official logo to the world. The logo is the perfect representation of every ideal and principle the institute has been built on. The logo is a bold graphic depiction of the three core values of the institute — innovation, integrity and inclusiveness which is also portrayed by the three white squares. These ideals also resonate in the Sanskrit sloka — नवसर्जनम् शुचिता समावेशत्वम् . We are hopeful that the logo will help in concreting the identity of the institute further and will soon become synonymous with its name.”

IIM Sambalpur has always taken pride in its legacy. This becomes evident in the logo as well which derives inspiration from the renowned Sambalpuri woven ikat motifs. Ikat which has been called “poetry on the loom” forms the main pattern of the logo. The overlapping forms in the centre of the logo represents the local context and ethos of rigour, rootedness and humanity. The individual square elements made from three equal lines represent the three stakeholders — the institute, the industry and the society. The geometric symbol evokes a sense of openness and innovative leadership.

The logotype set in bold font, centrally aligned, reflects stability. The deep blue colour reiterates the institute’s blue ocean strategy that focuses on exploring the unknown through incubation and entrepreneurship. The logo has been conceptualised and ideated by Prof Mahadeo Jaiswal and has been transformed into reality by the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

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