India Virtual Hospital launches Patient Care App for Doctors

On the occasion of National Doctors Day, India Virtual Hospital, a tech-enabled medical concierge service launched Patient Care App for doctors to strengthen & streamline the Patient’s Treatment Journey from Primary & Secondary Care to Tertiary Care. The IVH Patient Care App will help and enable doctors to track their Referral Patients’ Treatment Journey as well as Recovery Process. It is an integrated application which will keep doctors informed about their patients (once they are registered) they refer to specialists or super specialty hospitals.

Says Dr. Tarun Sahani, Internal & Hyperbaric Medicine, Apollo Hospital, Indraprastha and Advisor, India Virtual Hospital, “There is little or no mechanism to keep track of your patients’ treatment journeys that are referred to specialists. Most of the time doctors (primary & secondary care) lose their patients in referral chains. The primary treating Doctor who examined the patient for the first time and knows most about the patient needs to be informed about the patient’s treatment cycle because their remarks really do matter in the entire treatment process. Also this is the doctor’s right to know about their patient whom they provided the primary treatment. An app like IVH Patient Care will certainly go a long way to help the doctor to be informed about their patient’s treatment status. This may become a platform where doctors and specialist can interact and discuss about the patient with each other.”

IVH Patient Care App has detailed features like storing the patient reports, giving regular updates to doctors as well as the patients, providing general information about the disease and newer developments related to medical science.

Launching the application, Swadeep Srivastava, Managing Partner, India Virtual Hospital says, “It is a struggle for doctors to trace their patients when they are referred by them to some other hospital in an alien city. With IVH Patient Care App, we are trying to empower doctors with the right to be informed about their patients who are travelling for medical benefits. A Doctor just needs to register their patient with the App. When the patient visits their desired city for treatment, the Doctor who referred the patient can gets day to day update with the help of the application.”

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