Indian education content giant S. Chand launches personalised learning app – ‘Learnflix’

In a significant thrust towards ramping up their digital education portfolio, S. Chand and Co., one of the India’s oldest and largest textbook and education content company has announced the launch of its personalised home learning app Learnflix. 

The Learnflix app offers comprehensive learning in Math and Science for classes 6 to 10 and is based on the latest CBSE syllabus and useful for ICSE and other State Boards. A user- friendly app, some of the unique features of Learnflix include easy access (one subscription & access to everything) and unlimited practice tests with varied difficulty levels. Other key features include personalised anytime anywhere learning, engaging animated videos, quizzes, revision notes/summaries, sample papers, in-depth focused and actionable analysis, personalised learning journey and remedial to master development areas. Moreover, eBooks from renowned authors (e.g. Lakhmir Singh, Manjit Kaur, P S Verma etc,) is also available on the app.

A successful deployment of app in the initial phase has already taken place and it has been adopted in over 15 schools in India and the Middle East. The app is aggressively priced and highly affordable compared to other available learning app to ensure easy adoption by schools and students across India, especially in tier 2 and 3 cities and towns where students can easily afford it from their monthly pocket money.

Speaking on the launch of Learnflix Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director, S. Chand Group said “We are happy to launch Learnflix for students of classes 6 to 10. With just one subscription, this app will offer users access to the entire suite of features. This app is highly affordable and schools and students even in tier II and tier III towns can afford it with ease. It is fortuitious that the app was ready for launch at a time when all educational institutions are in lock down. We hope this app will help both teacher and students. Student can learn their own convenience and teachers can use it to impart remote teaching effectively.”

Speaking on the roll-out plan, he added, “We envisage a huge demand in learning apps in Tier 2 and 3 cities. Users of online education in India are expected to reach 9.6 million by 2021 from 1.6 million in 2016* and this growth will be primarily from tier 2 and 3 cities and towns. We are aiming  for more than 1 lakh downloads by the end of this year. A significant number of our downloads will be subscribers as we are selling majorly through schools.”

An early adopter of Learnflix, Mr. N. Rajesh Kumar- Principal, Pratibha Public School, Bagbahra, Chhattisgarh while speaking on their experience said, “Learnflix has helped us immensely in our endeavour to reach our students at home and in ensuring their out of school learning remains productive. Its application-based learning has sparked great interest from students. It has helped with concept learning, especially with the aid of excellent videos. Teachers can now give assignments on the app, forgoing use of paper which is a great plus. Teachers can now purely focus on teaching since a lot of the mundane paperwork is now seamlessly integrated on the app.”

Crediting Learnflix for her win at the SOF International Mathematics Olympiad, Arpita Panigrahi, a student of Sri Aurobindo School, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh said, “Learnflix helped me immensely in clearing my math fundamentals, it allowed me to practice endlessly and directed me to some fantastic videos when I made errors to aid my understanding.”

Learnflix is currently, by all accounts, the most affordable digital learning solution with an exhaustive quality content and is priced at INR 1,999/- per class per annum (For Classes 6 – 8) & INR 2,499/- per class per annum (For Classes 9 – 10).

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