“Now a days everyone wants digital presence and people also wants to do the business online” – By, Mr Kunal Shah, Director, Rank My Business

What is Rank My Business? Idea behind the company? 

Rank My Business is a performance oriented digital marketing company headquartered in Melbourne. We offer Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Social Media, Content Marketing and Video Marketing. We started business in 2014 as Appsbizz Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd., and changed our name to Rank My Business in Jan 2019. Our Board of Directors include Kunal Shah, Manshi Shah (our Australian directors), and Zuber Sheikh (our Indian Director). One of our strongest motivations is to create a positive impact in our clients’ business and lifestyle, as a result of our growth-oriented marketing work.

How did your entrepreneurial journey look like?

Initial challenges were about streamlining and growing the company and also ensuring with the growth our service levels are also maintained. Today we have mastered the service levels, response times and all round support to our clients which has helped us spread good word of mouth and achieve exceptional results for our clients.

How has Covid-19 impacted the business? If any?

In pandemic, where companies were cutting on staff and salaries, we ensured all our employees are paid on time and their full salaries. Also, we achieved the highest growth this year where our team strength has grown to 85 employees in this year from 60 odd employees. I believe this was the largest achievement we had as in this unprecedented time, we have achieved growth and success where not many companies have been able to do in our space.

What are your post pandemic business plans?

We are aggressively looking for new collaboration and expanding our services to the different regions like India, Dubai & Singapore. Also, parallel we are expanding different department internally like Research & Development.

Your thoughts on the current market scenario in India about Digital Marketing & SEO

Now a days everyone wants digital presence and people also wants to do the business online, so there is a major behaviour shift happened in theclient knowledge and the importance about Digital marketing& SEO. It is not only the most affordable mass medium, but it is also the one with the widest precise reach. It continues to be the best way to reach out to your most relevant target audiences, and gives you the best ROI from among almost all other marketing options available today.

What skills and characteristics are required to create a success story in these tough times?

Our company has always been client centric and we believe in high end customer service and support. There have been good amount of case studies or professional successes which we have had but the one which stands out has been this year. We have found our succeed mantra for the Australian clients and we would want to implement the same strategies and well structured and balance approach into our marketing. We already have a great deal of understanding of the Indian Market and now would just want to great the same impact and success for our Indian clients.

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