Lodha Partners with Haptik to Help Property Buyers Find New Homes on WhatsApp

Jio Haptik Technologies Limited (Haptik), a leading WhatsApp chatbot provider, announced its collaboration with Lodha, one of the largest real estate developers in India, to help improve the discoverability of real estate projects and drive more customer walk-ins to project sites.

Haptik co-founder & CEO Aakrit Vaish said: “Haptik is delighted to collaborate with Lodha and deploy our powerful WhatsApp solution to help Lodha improve the accessibility of real estate projects, reducing fragmentation and drop-offs. Our solution helps Lodha generate more leads and convert more of those leads into sales and revenue. The collaboration further showcased the versatility of our WhatsApp bots, which are the most powerful in the industry.”

Haptik helps Lodha increase site visits as prospective property buyers can now explore real estate projects on WhatsApp and find the relevant information. The WhatsApp bot also asks follow-up questions such as preferred city, locality, and the time slot for the site visit, to make the visit more customized. The chatbot arranges for a visit depending on the property the buyer is interested in, and the time slot selected. It also provides floor plans and other details related to the property so that the buyer is aware of the details before they can even visit the property. And all of this without leaving the WhatsApp platform.

Haptik’s WhatsApp bot (https://wa.me/917718893537) allows Lodha to answer customer queries in real-time, including showcasing their ongoing and completed projects upon request via WhatsApp. Moreover, Lodha leverages Haptik’s capabilities for its lead acquisition and lead nurturing efforts by learning the journeys of users landing on the bot from conversational ads and providing instant support to users.

Lodha plans to integrate an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) on Google Business Messages (GBM) and use Click-to-Haptik for source-wise conversational analytics.

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