Max Life Insurance strengthens its Digital Recruitment for the Agency Channel

Max Life Insurance aims to drive a robust agency recruitment process in FY22. The Company has digitized its entire recruitment process, and targets hiring nearly 40,000 agent advisors in current fiscal.

Launched last year, in the backdrop of Covid-19, a new recruitment approach was designed and implemented to enable quick, seamless identification, verification, and onboarding of prospects, digitally. The new process enabled the Company to recruit more than 23,000 agent advisors in FY21, out of which 38% were diverse candidates. Bolstered by the success of last year, the Company now aims to build the agency force with even more efficiencies in place to recruit a record number of agent advisors.

V Viswanand, Deputy Managing Director at Max Life Insurance said, “The digital recruitment journey of our agency workforce has not only helped bring in top-quality talent to the business, but also ensured greater agility, speed and effectiveness in the entire onboarding journey. As a strong advocate for diversity, Max Life also aims to target a more diverse group of people in its recruitment strategies who are more representative of our customers.”

Under its digital recruitment push, Max Life initiated a comprehensive Web-to-Recruit Program to enable quality agent recruitment. Built with an always-on approach, the program has enabled the agency with a reliable process of recruitment that has helped establish a healthy agent advisor talent pool. Similarly, mobile-based Smart Banners customized with the recruiter’s coordinates have enabled to send out clear communications to the prospect agent and engage with them on one-on-one basis.

Recently, the Company also launched a new training transformation program for its agency channel with the unique ‘Max Life Ace Talk’ initiative. The talk series aims to showcase inspirational stories by Max Life’s agent advisors to a network of upcoming agent advisors, fueling inspiration from personal stories of success and professional journeys driving a culture of heroes & evangelizing the profession.

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