Orpat enters into the Smart Home Appliances category

Orpat Group has launched a range of MoneySaver smart fans. Priced at Rs.3,100, the ‘MoneySaver’ smart fan range works on the BLDC technology and comes with a wide array of features.

Positioned as an affordable smart product for smart customers, the key benefits of MoneySaver fan range are primarily cost reduction in electricity bills. At the same time, the integration of technology improves convenience for the consumers while being environmentally friendly.

BEE 5 star rated Orpat’s MoneySaver fan consumes only 28 watts as compared to 75 watts by ordinary fans. Saves more than 65 percent on energy bills per year as well as reduces the energy consumption per year.


MoneySaver fan works 3x times compared to an ordinary fan on an inverter and it is double protected from voltage fluctuations. Additionally, it is designed in such a way that in boost mode if the voltage drop to 160v or increases to 260v from power then fan gives uniform 370-380 RPM and gives the same amount of air delivery. An ordinary fan doesn’t give same RPM and air delivery with fluctuations in voltage.

Orpat is the first company to provide an entry level fan which comes with a mobile app. For easy and comfortable use, the app has all the features as of a remote. This fan doesn’t require a fan regulator as the switch itself becomes the regulator.

The Smart Fan also comes with a LED light, smart remote with a Sleep, Booster, and Timer mode. Also, the fans are noiseless, environment friendly with antibacterial technology claiming protection from 99.2 percent germs.

On a larger front, the MoneySaver Smart Fan range reduces coal consumption by 3.3 billion KG per year while carbon emission is reduced by 6.6 billion KG per year.

Nevil Patel-Director, Orpat Group, said, “We believe that an affordable technology centric product is what our consumers need the most. India is a huge market for fans. With the rising millennial tech-savvy population, increasing climate issues, government’s push for environment friendly products and need to reduce the carbon footprint, our new series of MoneySaver smart fans can bring the much-needed energy and cost savings to the consumers and to the country.”

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