Otis India offers online order-booking for Gen3 Nova range of elevators

Building owners and facility managers in India can now purchase a digitally connected Gen3 Nova elevator online through Otis India’s e-commerce portal. Otis India is a subsidiary of Otis Worldwide Corporation, the world’s leading company for elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation and service.

The portal, located at //onlinebooking.otis.com, was initially launched in 2021 with the Gen2 Prime range of elevators and has rapidly gained adoption by customers for its convenience and transparency. Now, the Gen3 Nova range is available on the portal for direct sales.

Sebi Joseph, President of Otis India, said, “We are excited to add the Gen3 Nova range to our e-commerce portal for the direct sale of elevators. Gen3 elevators are powered by Otis ONE IoT systems and provide great benefits to customers. This online booking initiative is a testament to our commitment to providing convenient and efficient solutions for our customers. We believe that this digital journey will create value for our customers and enhance their overall experience with Otis.”

The Otis Gen3 platform of digitally native elevators combines the proven design of the best-selling Gen2 elevator with the Otis ONE digital IoT platform. Gen3 elevators include a compact machine, coated steel belts for a smooth ride, and the energy-saving ReGen drive that captures energy that would otherwise be lost and converts it to electricity to be used by other building systems. Otis ONE monitors equipment health and performance in real time, 24/7. The information is collected and analyzed and accessible to customers immediately with full transparency.

The key features of the Online Booking platform include a user-friendly interface designed for a seamless and intuitive experience, 24/7 accessibility for customers to make purchases at their convenience, and a transparent process. Customers can customize elevator choices based on specific needs, and the platform facilitates efficient communication between customers and Otis teams for a quick response to booking requests.

To get started, customers can visit the official website at //onlinebooking.otis.com, sign up, choose from Gen2 Prime and Gen3 Nova based on their building needs and explore attractive aesthetics options. Once the booking is confirmed Otis’ dedicated team will take care of the rest.

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