Paytm launches two new innovative devices — Paytm Pocket Soundbox and Paytm Music Soundbox

One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading payments and financial services company and the pioneer of QR and mobile payments, today announced the launch of two innovative payment devices that are 4G enabled — Paytm Pocket Soundbox and Paytm Music Soundbox. The first-of-its-kind portable device, Paytm Pocket Soundbox, can fit in your pocket and is as small as a debit card, and empowers merchants who are always on the move with instant audio payment alerts. Paytm Music Soundbox doubles up as a speaker that issues payment notifications and can also be connected to the phone to play music through bluetooth.

The company was the first to launch audio-based confirmations with the Paytm Soundbox, which revolutionised in-store payments in the country.

Paytm Pocket Soundbox and Paytm Music Soundbox

Designed to add convenience for mobile merchants, Paytm Pocket Soundbox is an industry first portable device that comes with all the powerful features of the iconic Paytm Soundbox. The easy-to-carry device proudly ‘Made in India’ provides 5-day battery life, 4G connectivity and a torch to keep going even in low-light conditions. This will be helpful for merchants on the go, including cab and auto drivers, electricians, delivery agents, parking fee collectors and cart vendors.

The company has also launched Paytm Music Soundbox, a unique device that enables merchants to play music through their mobile phones through bluetooth while managing their payment transactions. It comes with best in-class 10-day battery life, 4G connectivity and a powerful 4W speaker. There’s also a unique voice overlay feature that enables the merchant to hear payment notifications over the music being played.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO, Paytm said, “As pioneers of mobile payments and QR technology, we revolutionised in-store payments with the Paytm Soundbox. We are driving innovation further with two new devices Paytm Pocket Soundbox and Paytm Music Soundbox, both of which have been designed to bring convenience to merchants. Paytm Pocket Soundbox will be a gamechanger for merchants on the go, while the Paytm Music Soundbox announces payment alerts, and also solves for a lifestyle experience. With these new devices, we continue to lead technology for small shops of India.”

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