Pearson launches “Quikik”- A free AI based Math learning app for students to learn at home

The recent COVID -19 outbreak has led to the shutting down of schools and educational institutes across the country along with major competitive exams like IIT-JEE being postponed. To aid students with online self-study solutions during these testing times, Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, today announced the launch of “Quikik”, a new AI-based Math learning app which helps students reinforce their Math skills and feeds your 10-14 year old’s appetite for snack-size learning in a fun & engaging manner.

In addition to this, the company also announced support for IIT-JEE students and institutes in the form of free access to its MyInsights Online Mock Test Series to ensure seamless preparation time & resources to the students in the form of personalized digital assessment tool.

Ramananda SG, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Pearson India, said, “Considering the recent COVID-19 outbreak and its simultaneous impact on education resulting in the shutting down of schools, classes etc., there is a dire need in the country for students to have access to online & digital learning solutions. For this reason, we believe that an app like Quikik, which is a fun & engaging way for students to learn Maths and allows them to practice concepts, clear their doubts, study from bite-sized videos & online tutors, all while being in the safety and security of their homes is definitely welcomed. Therefore, in this digital age, students can utilize this time productively by employing online tools to self-study and be better prepared when the session re-starts. With the launch of Quikik App and free access to MyInsights, it is our attempt to support students during these testing times and not let this situation be a hindrance in their learning.”

Quikik is the innovative AI-assisted maths app which identifies math challenges, gaps in learning and creates a quick route to math mastery. Developed by trusted Pearson professionals, Quikik is speedy, engaging, thorough & stress-free and provides a series of simple bite sized videos which will not only aid learners to strengthen their concepts in  Math, but also help them use their time productively during social distancing.

Mickey Revenaugh, Director of New Products & Solutions at Pearson, said, “We know that Mathematical concepts can be challenging for children across the globe under the best of circumstances, which is why we created the Quikik app as a fun, fast way to master Math anytime and anywhere. Given the current COVID-19 crisis, Quikik is here to help sustain Math learning even if school is interrupted, and to keep children productively engaged at home. We are sure that the products will help students immensely during their time at home.”

When learners have downloaded the Quikik app, they will have to take a diagnostic test that identifies which smaller sub skills the learner needs to focus on and then delivers relevant content to ‘fill in the gaps’ rather than revisiting the whole of a concept. As Quikik feeds them bite size style learning, this allows the children using the app to quickly identify the small part they don’t get, learn it and move on.

Furthermore, the JEE mains examination that was scheduled to be conducted between 5th – 11th April has also been postponed. As students anxiously wait for the new dates to be announced, they can now utilize their time and keep their preparations in full swing with free access to Pearson’s MyInsights Online Test Series program. The program will have many advantages such as 10 JEE Main mock tests on latest pattern, 10 years JEE Main papers, scores as per the new marking scheme, instant reports with in-depth analysis, Institute dashboard to get student individual level reports and much more. The students can visit to register on MyInsights to aid their preparation.

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