Philips India to work with Delhi NCR schools to provide Air Purifiers at reduced cost

Philips announced plans to install over 10,000 units of its bestselling Air Purifiers in 200 public and private schools across Delhi NCR. The first of its kind initiative and a positive step forward in improving the indoor air quality in Delhi’s school classrooms. Following the launch in Delhi NCR, Philips will introduce Air Purifiers to schools in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Lucknow in a phased manner. Philips expects the education sector to contribute in double digits to the growth of its overall Air Purifier category in the next two years.

The problem of polluted air is now a national challenge and needs immediate intervention, both at an individual level as well as a community level. Children spend approximately 6-8 hours at school every day which is mostly located close to busy roads. The air that school children breathe is 10 times more toxic than WHO safety limit. The toxic mix from traffic exhaust poses a health risk that can stunt lung growth, trigger asthma attacks, contribute to heart disease and raise the risk of cancer. Also, bio effluents and transmittable discharges associated with colds and flues irritates the tender airways of children. This invisible cloud of air pollution not only adversely impacts the mental and physical health of the children, but also of the teacher and other staff at the school.

Announcing the new initiative at the 12th edition of World Education Summit 2018 (WES), Gulbahar Taurani, Marketing Director for Philips Personal Health Indian subcontinent, said, “At Philips, we are focused on improving people’s lives and one of the best ways to do it is to start early. With this initiative, we hope to make a difference to the lives of Delhi’s school children by helping in significantly improving the air quality in the classrooms. This will undoubtedly lead to the raising of healthier students who, in turn, will be better prepared for the challenges ahead.”

To fight this menace of poor air quality, Philips air purifiers have been specifically developed to significantly improve the quality of indoor air. Air purifiers from Philips use True HEPA filters and are tested to remove 99.97% of common airborne pollutants, like PM2.5, bacteria, H1N1, smoke and dust. These air purifiers are capable of filtering ultrafine particles as small as 0.003 micron effectively and thus helping children breathe healthy air. These appliances, hence, give parents the confidence that the indoor air their children are breathing is cleaner.

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