PhonePe launches Chat to enable conversations between users

PhonePe recently announced the launch of the chat feature on its app. Using chat, PhonePe users can now have a conversation with each other while requesting money or confirming the receipt of a payment without needing any other messaging app. This also enables users to keep track of their transactions along with the conversation history.

The feature which was launched a week ago for both the Android and iOS operating systems, has been rolled out to all the 185+ million PhonePe users. The early response has been staggering, with users already posting more than 2 million new text messages on PhonePe every day.

PhonePe chat is offered as an integrated experience within the money transfer flow on the app. Users just need to open the app and select a contact from their contact list. They will then see two options, ‘Chat’ and ‘Send’. Users can click on ‘Chat’ to send a message and click on ‘Send’ to make a payment.

Commenting on the launch, Rahul Chari, Co-Founder & CTO, PhonePe said, “PhonePe chat makes it really easy for our users to send money to their contacts while having a conversation. A user’s transaction history on the PhonePe app is displayed in the chat flow, making it a highly engaging experience. In the coming weeks, we will enhance PhonePe chat with features like group chat which will make it easy for users to request/collect money from friends and family on the platform.”

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