Post-budget 2018 Reaction Mr. Shrenik Gandhi, Co-founder White Rivers Media

Double the Budget Allocation to Digital India scheme (3073 Cr) vis a vis last year is a welcome move. This coupled with half a million Wifi Hotspots to get 50 million more people under the Digital Universe is a positive sign. Increasing focus on Digital Education sector & artificial intelligence and a national program for cyberspace are pretty thoughtful gestures. All of these clearly indicates governments’ keen interest in making the Digital India Story stronger.  Derecognizing the CryptoCurrency market shall have a negative global impact, yet is a strong statement coming from World’s Largest Democracy. A 5% relief in corporate tax for companies below 250 crore revenue shall give a lot of impetus to the SME segments.

Overall, the budget is pretty balanced & covers a lot of important aspects and is not an appeasement filled budget. Most importantly, the success of these lies in Digital Adaptation, the same can make it or break it, in the last Pre-Election Year!

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