Post-budget 2018 Reaction Mr. Vikram Puri, CEO, Transworld Technologies, Pune

We are pleased to see the government’s continual focus on the Smart Cities mission and its development through advanced infrastructure as announced in the Budget 2018. Technology spending on public areas and deliveries like surveillance for citizen safety, automated and transparent emergency services, intelligent and shared parking systems, electrification of public transport, public internet access and management of health and sanitation services online will certainly bring down the cost of governance and the national healthcare bill . It will strongly enhance the public’s compliance to the law, with a feeling of confidence and safety.

We note that the budget also specially focused on overall rural development, which will support and prop up the creation of smaller smart cities in India, driving technology, public services and healthcare to the masses. TheGovernment must however continue to look at our logistics infrastructure with specific development and investment targets, like the plan for 101 new projects in the cold chain, truck terminals and stops, and better facilities for safer road transport operations. Big data, integrated services, transparency of government deliveries will truly ensure that the Smart Cities mission will deliver results.

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