Post-budget 2018 Reaction Ms. Lina Ashar, Founder, Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd.

  • The ​key expectation from 2018 budget for the education sector ​is  to ensure collaboration between private and public sector by introducing streamlined and well thought out policies​ – ​Reforms in the education sector that encourage more and more private institutions to expand or modernize to give our students a more global perspective as part of their learning process.
  • Given that the Education Sector has seen 16% growth in the recent years, it is bound to be one of the major sectors in focus for the Budget’18​.
  • Due to the major involvement of Technology in all our lives, it is but imperative to create provisions for the same, by increasing the technological and digital intensity in the field of Education, so as to provide a more global connect whilst educating children how to handle this tool as well. This will go a long in way in making the concept of ‘Blackboard to Digital Board’ a reality.

  • ​Since the previous Budget reports are a testament of prioritizing employment creation, ​this year will be no different. Special emphasis will be put on creating more jobs which will help in the overall development of the economy.
  • ​​Special emphasis on Higher Education as well, to create an environment that provides a platform for technology, research and resource-development.
  • Treating the Education in a holistic format rather than a segmented one will be an ideal route to take.
  • There is a need for transparency regarding all the education taxes being paid for the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

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