QAD Customer Management Solutions Help Indian Manufacturers Across the Customer Lifecycle

QAD offers comprehensive customer management solutions for manufacturers via QAD Adaptive ERP and complementary products. QAD customer management supports manufacturers across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to customer service, including managing orders, pricing, fulfilment, service and support.

Mr. Jan Biezepol, QAD managing director, South Asia, said, “We believe that manufacturers need to deliver more than just a product to keep customers coming back. Our customer management solutions are designed to optimize the lifecycle of planning, acquiring customers, selling to and retaining customers. Between QAD Adaptive ERP and our complementary solutions, we offer a complete set of capabilities to help manufacturers better understand and service customers, and to turn them into long term business partners.”

Core capabilities available as part of QAD Adaptive ERP include marketing, sales automation and service and support. This includes managing sales force activities and performance, tools to monitor adherence to sales processes and run effective campaigns, plus analytics and simulations to determine the best next step with each customer.

QAD offers a number of complementary solutions that can further improve a manufacturer’s customer service and management capabilities. All QAD customer management solutions use the same database, application platform, UI and basic business entities as QAD Adaptive ERP. These related solutions include:

● QAD Trade Activity Management (QAD TAM) helps manufacturers and distributors effectively plan, manage and track trade promotion activities, providing full visibility into promotional spending.

● QAD Customer Relationship Management (QAD CRM) provides the tools necessary to increase profits by improving customer acquisition and retention.

● QAD Configurator supports global ordering for complex, configurable products.

● QAD Customer Self-Service provides a web storefront for customer self-service of sales transactions and inquiries.

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