Reebok introduces the all-new Sole Fury BOOST, as part of their latest ‘Sport the Unexpected’ campaign. Inspired by Reebok’s creation of split cushioning in the ’90s, this innovation works to combine technology and aesthetics from three iconic shoes.

The Sole Fury BOOST translates the essence of the past to now; fusing the asymmetrical lacing pattern of the Sole Fury, together with iconic Instapump technology with adidas’ revolutionary BOOST cushioning technology.


This is one disruptive shoe stripped back to its purest form.

The birth of the Sole Fury

Sole Fury was birthed out of the Reebok Innovation Team. It was created to celebrate Reebok’s long heritage of daring designs, while interacting running technologies in a bold lifestyle silhouette.

The mission at the time: to create a brand-new sneaker stripped back to its purest components, Sole Fury is where Instapump’s split sole, the Opus’ minimal aesthetics and the Ventilator’s cooling technology all meet. Sole Fury tales the essence of an iconic past and translates it to contemporary life. A lightweight design splitting totally from the status quo, making daring concepts even more radical.

The BOOST breakthrough

Unleashing an endless energy burst, BOOST is adidas’ pinnacle performance technology. Developed in partnership with chemical giant BASF, its 2013 release reinvented the sneaker midsole by replacing traditional sheets of foam and rubber with a fusion of tiny thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pellets.

These polymer units retain their cushioning properties consistently cover time, storing and releasing energy to deliver unparalleled rebound, durability and foot stability.

The Sole Fury BOOST is priced at 14,999 and will be available at Reebok stores, Vegnonveg, Superkicks andĀ,

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