Revv will offer 1000+ free cars to solve healthcare workers’ commute woes

Self-drive mobility start-up, Revv announced its initiative to offer cars at zero fee, to assist healthcare workers amid the coronavirus outbreak. In times when healthcare workers continue to fight out the pandemic, the paused availability of public transport options has made their day commute to hospitals more difficult and potentially even unsafe, and this initiative aims to solve that problem.

This service is now live in 5 cities – Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune. In each of these cities, Revv will make its current fleet of cars available, free of charge, to healthcare workers currently engaged in active duty at a hospital, upon submission of relevant ID proof. Revv will mobilize 1000+ cars to start with and include more as the need escalates.

In each of the 5 cities where Revv is providing this service, healthcare workers can reach out to Revv at 9250035555 to place a booking. Revv will also add the service to its website and apps soon. After placing the booking, the healthcare worker can pick up the car from Revv’s delivery centres, and use it entirely free of charge. Revv will require the user to share a copy of his proof of work (such as the hospital ID card) at the time of placing the booking. All the cars will be sanitized before handover.

Revv is also tying up with volunteer groups engaged in solving the COVID19 pandemic to expand the reach of this initiative.

“Healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 crisis at the frontline are our true heroes, and several of them are facing challenges with their commute to hospitals because of no availability of public transport. This is the least that we can do for them”, said Revv’s Co-founders. “We’re inviting partners across these cities to help us accelerate this. For example, In Bengaluru, we are partnering with a 12,000 strong citizen volunteer group, to facilitate the distribution of these cars to healthcare workers that they are engaged with”.

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