RIMS and Max Life Insurance to drive risk management awareness in India

RIMS and Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (“Max Life/Company”) have agreed to come together for a risk management development initiative to explore solutions to business challenges in the areas of Risk Management in India, while sparking critical risk management conversation and action in the India. Additionally, Max Life takes on a prominent role in the upcoming virtual RIMS India Risk Forum 2020 scheduled for December 4 and 5.

Max Life aims to be the leading life insurer in India and is committed to secure the financial future of its customers. The Company is committed to strengthening its risk management capabilities to allow the organization to effectively navigate uncertainty and its leaders to make informed, strategic decisions.

“Today’s businesses are confronting a variety of trends that have introduced greater uncertainty than before into the future. In such circumstances, Max Life’s Enterprise Risk Management function has transformed itself to play a key role of strategic and valued business partner and recognises this RIMS relationship as an excellent opportunity to exchange best practices that promotes, deepens, and accelerates the development of risk management globally. Max Life values the commitment of RIMS to help build risk management capabilities for organizational success, bringing networking, professional development, and education opportunities to its members. With this relationship, we resolve to take forward RIMS’ vision of equipping risk professionals to succeed in an evolving environment.” said Mr Sachin Saxena, Chief Risk Officer, Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

“The key to strengthening risk management capabilities across India and around the globe is by creating opportunities and venues to exchange of ideas and best practices,” said Gopal Krishnan K S, Head – RIMS India Operations. “Max Life’s risk management team is highly accomplished in the field. RIMS is thrilled to be a unifying force in the country, bringing organizations together to strengthen business resiliency and advance the risk management profession.”

Themed “Building Antifragility: From Crisis to Opportunity,” the virtual RIMS Risk Forum India 2020 will explore the challenges businesses have encountered during the global pandemic and strategies that have empowered some to remain resilient and emerge stronger. Scheduled for December 4, 5, the event will feature remarks from India’s most renowned risk management thought-leaders and business strategist.

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