S-MAN offers Single Platform for Multiple Medical Solutions

S-Man (Single Medical Account Number) offers you a centralized flow of health care eliminating one of the major problems of the health care Industry which is paper perceptions and printed medical reports.

A platform of Indian Medical Industry where all doctors and Medicinal outlets come on one Platform.  S-MAN is the first Global platform to bring all medical units under one roof. S-MAN is making a digital India medical Industry.

Problems In Current Market are issues like Paper prescription, Paper Medical reports, Illegal selling of mandatory prescribed drugs selling , Paper Records, Need to carry reports to doctor each and every time. Need to send reports to insurance company for claims.

S-MAN offer’s Solution For all problems like Paperless prescription, Paperless Medical reports, Control on illegal selling of mandatory prescribed drugs selling, Paperless Records, Anytime access to medical records, Centralized Patient record, No Need to carry reports to doctor as doctors can easily access reports through SMAN, Insurance company can easily access medical record of a person who claims through SMAN, Appointment can be booked through APP.

Some of the major benefits of this system are that the patients now get to acclimate their data at a single point and they don’t have to carry out the paperwork with them, S- Man also helps to eliminate problems like ILLEGAL SELLING OF MANDATORY PRESCRIBED DRUGS, CARRY REPORTS TO DOCTOR EACH AND EVERY TIME.

The Benefits of S-Man are telephonic booking, paperless perceptions, paperless medical records, online appointment booking, online order of Medicine, Send Documents for claim directly. This particular system also helps the Government controlling over consumption of illegal Drugs and complete view on diseases and counting of janganana .

As a Company, Medical industry a hassle-free process so that people should be relaxes with report and medical record management.

The Key Benefits for doing so is Helping Government to catch illegal sale of prescribed medicine. Also helping Government to Check Licenses of Medicals and Hospital. Bringing Hospital, Clinics, Medical Stores, Pathology and Insurance Company all on one Platform. S-man is the product of Think and Blink Private Limited which was founded by Vipul Agarwal, who is a Successful Entrepreneur and has high plans to develop this particular product in the market and see to its efficiency. The Plan is to hire 20,000 people in Rajasthan as Vasundhara Raje, the CM of Rajasthan has taken an initiative for 1, 20,000 employments in both government and private sector.

This is step towards a better plan of effectively executing and building up a trust to save time and efforts of the patients.

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