Samsung Launches AirDresser

Samsung India has introduced an industry-first advanced smart clothing care solution with the launch of its innovative new AirDresser. This latest innovation from Samsung uses powerful air and steam to remove dust, pollutants and germs, refreshing and sanitizing clothes to provide easy and convenient garment care in luxury living and working spaces.   

AirDresser introduces a new standard of clothing care that addresses unmet consumer needs for a more efficient method of refreshing, revitalizing, deodorizing and relaxing light wrinkles from their clothes on a daily basis. Consumers want to be able to take better care of their clothes, especially if they are made of delicate materials. They can now quickly and conveniently freshen up their outfits at home to always look their best, while saving time and money, cutting down on frequent washing or trips to the dry cleaner.  

The JetSteam in the AirDresser sanitizes clothes and eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including, influenza, adenovirus and herpes virus.  

It is a perfect, must have gadget for parents seeking hygienic and germ-free clothing for their children, as it sanitizes and refreshes not just clothes, but outerwear, bedding and soft toys too. The AirDresser is also a great choice for corporate boardrooms, VIP lounges, clubs, hotels, luxury retailers, designers, among others.  

Mr. Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, said, “Consumers around the world have come to expect that Samsung products offer practical solutions to make their lives more convenient. Created with our deep knowledge of consumer needs and using cutting-edge technology to transform how we care for our clothes at home, AirDresser serves as an efficient solution to refreshing clothing every day. We are confident that consumers will enjoy better clothing care and easier maintenance with AirDresser as it sanitizes clothes and eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and it will go on to become an essential home appliance just like the washing machine and dryer.” 

4 Easy Steps to Sanitize and Refresh Clothes Everyday 

Once a garment is hung inside the unit, the user can initiate the cycle and simply wait for the system to run its course:   

Step 1: JetSteam  

The JetSteam sanitizes clothes by infusing heat deep into the fabric, eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of house mites, 99% of odor causing gases, and 99% of other harmful substances. It is the perfect tool for routine sterilization of clothes and many other items such as leather accessories and soft toys.  

Step 2: JetAir 

The Jet Air and Air Hangers release powerful air to loosen and remove engrained dust, with only minimal noise and vibration, quiet enough for anywhere inside the home, including the bedroom.  

Step 3:Heatpump Drying 

Heatpump Drying dries clothes at low temperatures to reduce risk of damage and shrinkage.  

Step 4: Deodorizing Filter 

Deodorizing Filter captures and reduces odor particles caused by sweat, tobacco and food on your clothes and prevents them from building-up inside the unit to create lingering unpleasant smells.  

Meanwhile, the Self-Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitizes and deodorizes the interior of your smart AirDresser to make sure your clothes stay refreshed. It even notifies users whenever the unit needs cleaning every 40 cycles.  

Grooms Your Wardrobe Well 

AirDresser ensures clothes are groomed gently, increasing their lifespan by helping consumers avoid washing their favorite items too frequently, which can cause damage to the delicate fabric. AirDresser’s HeatPump Drying technology gently dries clothes at a low temperature, minimizing heat damage and shrinkage. And with Wrinkle Care, the AirDresser can smooth out light wrinkles without ironing by using a combination of steam and air to relax the clothes.  

AirDresser’s Fur Care Cycle makes it possible for consumers to even groom delicate furs. Excess moisture can cause organic fibers to swell and lose their shape, while also encouraging the growth of mold. The Fur Care Cycle dehumidifies 90% of the moisture trapped in the fur, which increases its volume by 78% and helps maintain its original condition, thus extending its lifespan.  

Through dehumidification, clothes are kept in ideal conditions because it draws in air from the room to extract moisture and expel dry air. As a result, AirDresser can keep a wide variety of clothing items well-groomed and looking their best for longer. 

Saves You Time and Money 

Samsung’s AirDresser is all about saving time and money for clothing-care. For example, operating a complete washer-and-dryer process with just one or two items per load or going to the dry cleaners frequently is not time or cost efficient. So, using the JetSteam to sanitize and deodorize your clothes for a quick refresh makes sense. And with Jet Air and Air Hangers able to quickly remove dust off clothes, you can confidently re-wear outfits without worrying about bad odors or hygiene. Heatpump Drying also reduces drying time with a more effective heat transfer method.  

With the AI-powered capabilities that SmartThings provides, you can enjoy better clothing care and easier maintenance. Home Care Wizard remotely identifies problems and provides a troubleshooting service, while My Closet stores details of your clothes and suggests the best courses for them.   

With AirDresser, users can access their frequently selected cycles and tailor cycles based on seasonal needs, ensuring that they always have a clothing care system to match their specific circumstances.   

AirDresser is a beautifully designed device that runs discreetly and quietly, making it an excellent complement to your home environment. 

Price and Availability 

AirDresser will be available at a price of INR 110,000 on Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop and on e-commerce portals Amazon and Flipkart from December 24, 2020. Consumers can avail a discount of INR 10,000 and a no-cost EMI of INR 5,555 (for 18 months). This offer will be valid for 15 days.   

Air Dresser will also be available through Samsung’s B2B channels for use in corporate offices, co-working spaces, high-end retail, luxury hotels, restaurants, sports centres among other spaces. 

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