SBI General Insurance launches “Arogya Supreme” a comprehensive Health Insurance plan

SBI General Insurance announced the launch of a comprehensive health insurance plan named ‘Arogya Supreme’. This specific plan is designed to ensure that customers can have full health insurance coverage, including 20 basic covers and 8 optional covers.

The policy provides a wide range of sum insured options up to Rs. 5 crores, wherein customers can choose from 3 options viz Pro, Plus and Premium based on the sum insured and coverage features. Among other customer-friendly coverages like Sum Insured Refill, Recovery Benefit, Compassionate Visit, etc. customers also have a facility to choose the policy tenure ranging from 1 to 3 years.

PC Kandpal, MD & CEO, SBI General Insurance Company, said, “In today’s scenario, health insurance has become a necessity and not an option. Arogya Supreme, a comprehensive health insurance plan, with reinstatement feature and a wide range of sum insured, will enable customers to choose the premium and tenure that suits their needs.”

The surge of Covid-19 cases has underlined the importance of securing your finances with adequate Health Insurance. With diverse and changing symptoms, those affected are undergoing varied treatments. In such a situation where there is a possibility that health insurance cover may be exhausted, Arogya Supreme health policy is loaded with a refill feature, that enables the policyholder to refill full sum insured if the existing sum insured under the policy is exhausted under any treatment, which is a great relief for the customer. Arogya Supreme is a comprehensive product and filed with multiple benefits and coverages for a retail customer, however, we intend to cascade all the filed features/ coverages, gradually.

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