Snapchat presents an AR spin on renowned artist Damien Hirst’s iconic paintings

Snap announces a new augmented reality experience created in close collaboration with renowned artist Damien Hirst. Inspired by his iconic  Spin paintings, this globally available Snapchat lens allows anyone to make their own spin art in his style, right from home. Pour virtual paint as your canvas spins to make many possible creations.

Snapchat and Hirst have also teamed up with the charity Partners in Health on this experience to support their COVID-19 relief efforts. The organization is working to support vulnerable communities during the pandemic and provide care for millions of patients worldwide. 

“It’s amazing to be working with Snapchat on this totally mega spin art lens and making it possible for millions of people to make their own spin paintings right from their phones. I’m so happy that this partnership also supports Partners in Health, a brilliant and forward-thinking organisation that helps communities in developing countries around the world cope with the devastating impact of COVID-19,” commented artist Damien Hirst 

Hirst first began experimenting with spin art in 1992, and at the first exhibition of the series, all gallery visitors were invited to make their own free drawings on a spin drawing machine made from a drill, democratizing the experience of making art. Now, a wider audience than ever will experience this through augmented reality as the Snap community worldwide can try their hand at making their own version of  Hirst’s iconic art through the lens of Snapchat’s camera. Additionally, Snapchatters can also submit their creations to “Our Story” so that the whole Snapchat community can see what they’ve made, creating a composite virtual gallery of Spin paintings.

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