Swiggy Unveils ‘Network Expansion Insights’ to Enable Restaurant Partner Expansion

Swiggy has introduced Network Expansion Insights, a data-driven dashboard that empowers partner restaurants to make informed decisions for their network expansion. The dashboard provides restaurants with valuable insights derived from Swiggy’s extensive platform data, empowering them to make informed decisions when selecting the ideal location for their next outlet.

Choosing the right location is paramount for the success of any restaurant. A distance of a few kilometers can make or break an outlet’s success. Understanding this challenge, Swiggy has developed a powerful Network Expansion dashboard to help restaurants with this decision. Restaurant partners gain access to a user-friendly interface where they can specify their preferred cuisine, price range, and geography of interest. Whether it’s a specific city or multiple cities from across the country, the dashboard generates a comprehensive list of potential expansion locations ranked by their viability and potential for success. Over 100 Swiggy partners have already used the Network Expansion Insights dashboard and have seen a quicker uptick in demand in the first few weeks of launch vis-a-vis their other outlets.

Shrey Sehgal, Co-founder of Bakingo, is thrilled about using Swiggy’s network expansion dashboard. He explains, “With this amazing tool, we were able to choose the best locations for our new outlet and the accuracy of the hyperlocal zones for our expansion has been unmatched. Before, we struggled to make confident expansion decisions, but Swiggy’s dashboard changed everything for us. It’s like a game-changer that has transformed our business for the better.”

Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Swiggy, explains, “The success of our restaurant partners is the key to our platform’s growth. We’ve developed an innovative tool that gives our restaurant partners access to important data and helps them to strategically choose the ideal locations for their outlets. This empowers them to optimize their chances of success by bridging the gaps in demand and supply for specific cuisines on our platform.”

The dashboard doesn’t just look at current customer demand but also considers areas where there is a gap between supply and demand. By bridging this demand and supply gap, Swiggy maximizes the chances of success for restaurants even further. Additionally, the dashboard identifies opportunities by analyzing the demand from Swiggy customers for specific cuisines that are currently unfulfilled at this point.

Rahul Shankar, owner of CakeZone, shares, “Thanks to the expansion dashboard, we have successfully opened 20 new outlets in various locations which have grown really well, suggesting how well we could tap the demand. This powerful tool has been instrumental in guiding our expansion decisions and ensuring the success of our business growth.

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