Tata AutoComp to Supply Powertrain Solutions for EVs in India

Tata AutoComp Systems, India’s leading auto-component conglomerate has signed a Joint Venture with Prestolite Electric Beijing, China to Design, Engineer, Manufacture and Supply Powertrain Solutions for the Indian Electric Vehicle market. Prestolite Electric is owned by the Broad Ocean Motor Group, China which also owns Shanghai E-Drive Solutions. The JVC will have access to technologies for various Powertrain products like Motors, Controllers as well as Integrated Drivetrain (Integrated Motor, Inverter and Transmission).

Tata AutoComp’s offerings to the emerging EV segment now include Motors, Controllers, Integrated Drivetrain (Integrated Motor, Inverter and Reducer), Battery Pack, BMS, Battery Thermal Management System, Batter Cooling Plates, Inverter Cooling modules, Chillers, E- Compressors, Radiators as well as EV Chargers required to charge the electric vehicle.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arvind Goel (MD & CEO Tata AutoComp Systems Limited) said: “Tata AutoComp has always been on the forefront in introducing new technologies in India. We are pleased to partner with the Broad Ocean Motor Group through Prestolite Electric Beijing and Shanghai E-Drive as they have the latest technology and are amongst the top players in Powertrain products for Electric Vehicles. Through this JV, we will serve all segments of the EV industry from 2 & 3 wheelers, Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles and Buses.”

Mr. Charles Lu (Chairman Broad Ocean Motor Group, China) said: “We are glad to partner with Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, a leading auto-component conglomerate in India. Through Tata AutoComp, we wish to serve the emerging Electric Vehicle market in India and are committed to support the JVC with latest technologies.”

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