Telegram messenger launches Channel Stats with its latest version

Telegram has released their 6.0 version along with bundled new features for their users. The latest version includes new updates under two major segments for enhancing user Chat experience and Channel performance monitoring.

The social messaging platform has introduced a new stats based feature called Channel Stats for Telegram channels carrying more than 1000 subscribers. This can help to monitor a channel’s growth and performance based on multiple parameters like language, new followers, views on the post, new interactions, notifications, etc. An admin can access graphical representation of the data for the desired period, which can used to analyze the channel performance closely. Telegram believes this feature will help to grow the channels in a more defined and targeted manner.

On the other hand, the Chat experience feature includes Chat Folders, which can segregate the work based and personal chats. One can swipe between tabs to easily find and access any specific chat that they are looking for. This feature gets automatically enabled if the list is long enough and cluttered to manage. The application also has a dedicated link to enable the feature anytime a user wants to get hands on as per their requirement. Each of the folders can have unlimited number of Pinned Chats, as well.

Now with Archived Chats it’s a cakewalk on Telegram to save some of the selected chats, which a user wants to hide, or not to place in front with other chat windows. On Android, one need to long press, and on the iOS, simply the user needs to swipe left for archiving the Chat. Another amazing addition to the app, when there is a notification in any of these archived chats, it automatically pops out in front but it will not, if the user on choice mutes it. Along with all, Telegram has also taken care of Desktop synchronization where extra space in the desktop interface can be used with the sidebar to easily recognize the icons for folder management.

Voice recording animations and New Animated emoji:

In the version 6.0, the application has a new update where they have introduced an exquisite set of emoji and animations for video & voice-based messages. The emoji have been especially launched to encourage and cheer its users in the tough time that the world is facing with COVID 19, which send out the message of being brave and staying healthy.

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