Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle in Monsoon – CarDekho

Monsoons in India are synonymous with hot tea, roadside Maggi stalls, and, of course, vehicle rides with our near and dear ones. While the weather acts as a keen determinant of road trips, we must ensure that we are not swept by exhilaration for the upcoming thrills and have covered the basic safety measures before setting off.

The most important thing to do during the rains is to maintain the vehicle in its optimum condition, making sure that it runs smoothly and is prepared for the roads. Here are some basics to help you make the best of the beautiful weather on the road.

  • Pre-drive care–The cardinal and most important tip is to make sure you get your car/ bike serviced from an authorized service centre in a timely manner. Since rains tend to make the roads slippery, make sure you check the brakes are working smoothly.  The liners, discs and interior of the drum brakes should be cleaned, the correct level of brake oil maintained, and the tyre pressure adjusted to a few PSI less than what’s recommended under dry conditions. And do make sure the wipers are checked.
  • Clean the bike chain more frequently – Rains make everything muddy and tends to block the chains and filters. Hence, it is necessary to make it a practice to lubricate the chain frequently and thoroughly clean it up every 500 kms or so. 
  • Cover the vehicle – Make sure the vehicle is covered even when parked in a garage. A waterproof cover ensures that, in case of any leakage in the car, the cover will stop the water from seeping inside the car. 
  • Clean the air filter- Keep a clean, dry air filter and make sure moisture does not clog the filters since air blockage leads to stalling, jerking and/or pulling the accelerator. 
  • Get Teflon coating and anti-rust protection layer – It is important to use Teflon coating on the panels to prevent them from rusting. Moreover, use a good anti-rust lubricant to prevent your car/ bike from rusting. Car owners can even look at wax coating to preserve the pristine paint.

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