TravelDilSe – Next Generation E-customised Holidays Planning & Booking Engine

TravelDilse is a dynamic customized holiday planning and price comparison booking engine that uses unique matching algorithm to deliver tailor-made holidays with itinerary management. Industry veterans, Sumita Tulsiani and Natesh Rajagopalan, while working together at India’s one of the top online travel booking platforms, clicked with the idea of providing a platform which can translate a person’s dream holiday into reality at a click of a button.  TravelDilSe eliminates the pain of dealing with travel agents, hotels and other travel service providers.

TravelDilSe is a self-standing platform that helps generate perfect itineraries for travelers. Customers can plan and personalize holiday packages comprising of all bundled components including itinerary management, customization of flights, hotels, room nights, transfers, sightseeings, activities and travel insurance suited to their tastes with instant confirmations. Built on a competitive price intelligence engine comparing millions of price points offered through multiple APIs, worldwide, the platform offers real time inventories with best online pricing to the customers.

The mission is to give to the travelers the best experiences, that may be considered exclusive, and make them available ‘any time any place’ to every traveler yearning for a fabulous vacation.

Sumita Tulsiani, Director, TravelDilSe, said, “We, at, TravelDilSe understand that a holiday is something which a person looks forward to and connects emotionally with. It is not about the transactional value of the product and service that we are offering, it is more about the experience and satisfaction of our customers.”

Powered by robust algorithms, the process of designing an itinerary and doing travel bookings is very simple, easy and consumer-friendly. The platform is not directed to several windows or cart while doing a holiday travel booking; all customisations can be done under one screen, which is the core USP of TravelDilSe. The navigation process is seamless and broken into four easy steps.

TravelDilSe was established in the year 2014 with an idea to provide an AI powered virtual holiday specialist that can translate the entire experience of planning, customising and booking holidays online, giving customers the required convenience, benefit and comfort. Till date, it has curated more than 3000 itineraries and booked vacations for over 7000 travellers. Its revenue is growing month on month by 15%. The start-up had been able to achieve this with the help of its team’s domain expertise, collectively over 40 years, which gives an edge to bring a distinct uniqueness to the business model.

Coupled with the insight into actual customer requirements, the team has crafted unique, creative experiences to be offered to the customers. The team’s strong global connects, network, and affiliation give them the leverage to get these experiences at down to earth prices which makes it an important USP for them.

After carefully analyzing and studying behavioural patterns, psychology of customers, TravelDilSe has made it possible to understand how to design the User Interface of the platform in order to generate an easy user experience. Machine Learning (ML) has been infused to learn and understand about the client’s journey at different points: from inspiration, research and experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been actively used to learn from each interaction on the website by different users and, therefore, optimize the flow of all the visitors.

Talking about the prospect of the industry, Ms. Tulsiani says, “Looking at the trend of Indian travel industry, holiday segment is the fastest growing in this sector. With an increase in family travel budgets by 3 times in the last 4 years, the industry is expected to be $ 48 Billion by 2020 growing at 11%. Though exists a huge demand, the industry still faces a dearth of effective dynamic solutions to book customised holiday packages ONLINE, which gives a clear window of opportunity to us at TravelDilSe”.

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