TSC Donates Label Printers to Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

As a part of CSR drive, TSC Auto ID Technology announced that it donated 300 pcs of barcode printers to nearly 20 hospitals among different cities in China to fight Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in association with its China partner.

TSC barcode printers will support healthcare frontline for varied application including patients ID tracking, hospital admission, hospital nursery, specimen/blood labeling, medication tracking, Staff ID & Access Control and healthcare materials management to enhance healthcare workforce’s medical treatment efficiency.

On this occasion, Sam Wang, TSC president said, “We should all join hands to fight this epidemic and help the people in China suffering from this severe outbreak in whatever possible way we can. And we really hope this small gesture of lending a helping hand to the hospitals can help the authorities to facilitate the treatment facilities in a better and efficient way”

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