Twitter India launches an all-new Bigg Boss emoji

Bigg Boss has been a celebrated phenomenon in the world of entertainment, and Twitter has been the centrestage for this celebration to unfold, year on year. Every season, while contestants compete inside the Bigg Boss House, their supporters live-Tweet every development from the House and cheer their favourite contestants on.

Since its inception, the show has cemented its popularity on Twitter. In fact, in 2021, #BiggBoss emerged as one of the most talked about TV shows on Twitter in India. In keeping with the show’s raging popularity, Twitter has launched an all-new emoji celebrating viewers’ love for #BiggBoss. The emoji, a half-and-half red and blue coloured chat symbol with ‘Bigg Boss’ in its centre, is a vibrant depiction of the conversations that the show rakes up among viewers and fans on Twitter. It can be triggered by Tweeting with #BiggBossTwitter, #BBTwitter, #BiggBoss, #BiggBossTelugu, #BiggBossMarathi, #BiggBossTamil, #BiggBossKannada and #BiggBossMalayalam.

Speaking of the launch, Cheryl-Ann Couto, Partnerships Manager at Twitter India, said, “Each year, the #BiggBoss conversation is one of the biggest entertainment conversations on Twitter in India, across languages. People take to Twitter to live-Tweet and discuss the show’s highlights and show support for their favourite contestants. The service has become a second-screen for fans of the show to continue engaging with it. While the Hindi edition of the show continues to be the biggest in terms of volume of conversation on Twitter, other language editions, especially BiggBoss Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi are rapidly growing. We wanted to recognise and celebrate this vibrant, growing audience and conversation with a special custom emoji.”

A decade-and-half ago, the premiere of BiggBoss changed the face of entertainment. The show continues to amass love from its fans across geographies. Starting this month, the conversation kicks into high gear with the #BiggBossTelugu and #BiggBossMarathi finales upcoming and lots of anticipation as we head to season-end for #BiggBoss and #BiggBossTamil.

While the emoji is a vibrant addition to the #BiggBoss conversation, there is more than one way for fans to follow this conversation on Twitter. People can also follow the Bigg Boss Topic to stay tuned-into what fellow fans on the service are talking about. Topics use machine learning to deliver subject-specific Tweets to people’s timeline, making it easier to follow conversations that they’re most interested in. People can also follow specific updates related to the show through the specially curated Event pages for Bigg Boss Tamil, Bigg Boss Telugu and Bigg Boss.

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