Unboxed OnePlus One 16 GB is launching on Overcart

New Delhi, India, July 15, 2015: Overcart.com, a leading online re-commerce company is back with its second flash sale of OnePlus One 16GB handsets just a month after thecompany had successfully conducted their first flash sale for OnePlus One 64GB. Interested buyers can now signup on the Overcartwebsite (http://www.overcart.com/one-plus) forrefurbished and unboxed OnePlus One 16GB handsets to get first hand notifications on the flash-sale scheduled next week.

The sleek OnePlus One 16GB is pearly white and sports the same Snapdragon 801processor and a 3GB RAM as its 64GB version. Prior to the sale, all the devices will undergo a thorough quality check to ensure best in class quality, performance and customer satisfaction.

“This flash sale will feature fewer units as compared to our past sales.  We are taking time to pass every unit through our proprietary quality checkprocess.  We are working with OnePlus authorised refurbishment partners to ensure that every product meets our certification prior to the sale”says, Saptarshi Nath, Cofounder, Overcart.com.

Talking about the e-commerce segment, market for unboxed devices has been growing steadily during recent months and is expected to reach $8 billion by 2020. According to the research done by Overcart, the return rates of leading e-commerce companies can rise as high as 25% in certain categories, with electronics being close to 12–15%. 69% of such products are functionally perfect and are ready to be re-sold as unboxed.Overcart.com provides quality check, inventorying, warehousing, and liquidation services to recover capital stuck in such inventory thus helping these companies to sell their products by maintaining a steady stream of capital coming back into their system.

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