Upgrade Your Family Movie Night With These Netflix Tips & Tricks

Kick your family movie routine up a notch with these tips and tricks to take it from a regular night to a Netflix movie night. Friendly reminder – you can pause and rewind whenever you need. So you bring the snacks and let Netflix bring you the movies!

  • Create a family profile  
    • Afraid Mighty Little Bheem will alter your perfectly crafted “crime dramas with a strong female lead” recommendations? Create a dedicated family profile for all your joint viewing fun. Your profile will stay safe and better yet, the more you watch on the family profile, the better recommendations you and your crew will get.
  • Discover what to watch
    • Out of ideas and don’t want to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for the umpteenth time? Type “Netflix” into the search bar to see a complete list of Netflix originals all in one place.
    • In the mood for something specific – browse by genre or click a row name on the homepage in your browser for more.
    • You can also see the latest and greatest from our curated editorial channels by searching Strong Female Lead, Christmas or Holiday, etc.
  • Never miss a line
    • More people, more questions, more conversations. Turn on subtitles to stay up to speed on the story even if your family is doing more heckling than watching. To activate subtitles:
      • Select the movie or TV show you want to play
      • Head to ‘Audio & Subtitles’ in the options panel
      • Press ‘Back’ once you’re done
    • Bonus tip: You can change the color and font size of subtitles to match your eyesight or personal style preference. To do this:
      • Select your profile
      • Head to ‘Account’ from the top right drop down menu on the home page
      • Select ‘Subtitle Appearance’
      • You can tweak everything from color and font, to the background and shadow appearance.
  • Get creative
    • Your favourite corner in your bedroom has wi-fi issues? Make the world your theater, even when the internet is limited, thanks to the Download feature. To download:
      • Open the Netflix app on your phone or tablet
      • Select a TV show or movie
      • From the description page, tap Downloads and voila! Just remember to download before you go! (Note, not all titles are available for download)
  • Be remote ready 
    • You can stop, start, pause, replay and fast forward whenever you want, so whether you need to open the door to collect a delivery, or your kid needs to use the bathroom, you won’t miss a beat or actually, the scene.
    • Bonus tip: Netflix will keep your place when switching between profiles or devices, so if the popcorn starts to burn and you need to relocate from the living room to the bedroom you’ll be covered.

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