Vistara Urges Travellers To Follow ‘FLYERCODE’

Vistara announced ‘FlyerCODE’ – a set of simple and important considerations for customers to follow for a safe flying experience. An extension of airline’s campaign #FlyingFeelsSafeAgain, the #FlyerCODE is recommended in response to the airline’s recently concluded  customer survey that revealed 55% of the respondents feared exposure while travelling and apprehension about fellow passengers not following health and safety protocols. Vistara’s ‘FlyerCODE’ seeks to appeal to customers to be Careful, Observant, Distanced and Empathetic, whenever they fly.

Mr. Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer, Vistara, said, “At Vistara, we have put together some extremely stringent preventive measures to ensure health and safety of our customers and staff, in line with the new regulatory guidelines. Our teams at every touchpoint are ensuring all these compliances everyday. However, this is not a battle to fight alone. This needs customers’ participation and effort just as much. FlyerCODE is made up of some very simple steps and considerations, but it’ll have an enormously huge impact in making air travel much safer.”

Vistara’s ‘FlyerCODE’ initiative seeks to draw customers’ attention to several touchpoints throughout their journey where they can make significant differences by small actions/considerations.


  • Please provide all your contact information correctly at the time of booking and web check-in – this will help us to contact you for any need that may arise before or after your flight
  • In these uncertain times, we ask you to keep your travel plans flexible
  • Please make sure to wear your facemask throughout your journey. Removing it can jeopardize your safety and that of others around you
  • Please look around every now and then to make sure you do not unnecessarily come in contact with others or touch any surface. Sanitize your hands every time after you touch anything around you
  • Dispose off your personal protective equipment after your journey only in designated bio-hazard bins placed at the airport terminals


  • Stay informed about the latest flying/travel regulations and guidelines by the government before you book your ticket and fly to the destination, as quarantine protocols differ from state to state
  • Please listen carefully to all announcements made by our staff, whether on ground or onboard our flights – they are extremely important, more than ever before


  • If you need to temporarily stop while moving in a queue, please make sure to step aside to avoid coming in contact with the person behind or ahead of you
  • Please follow all social distancing markers wherever placed
  • Queuing up on the aisle seriously jeopardizes your and others’ safety
  • Please observe the seatbelt signs and those for the aircraft lavatories. The government has disallowed queuing up outside the lavatories and non-essential movement in the aircraft


  • These are difficult times for everyone around the world and we are all navigating in our own ways. Please spare a thought for your fellow passengers as well as our frontline staff serving you
  • Vistara is taking many steps to comply with regulatory guidelines for health and safety of all. We urge you to understand that some of these guidelines compel us to go against fundamentals of hospitality, such as reducing interaction with our customers, but again, this is for everyone’s safety

 Vistara continues to maintain the highest standard in safety and hygiene. The airline regularly conducts health checks of its crew members, has significantly reduced contact between its crew and customers, temporarily discontinued in-flight meals, onboard sales, reading material etc.. With an intensified aircraft cleaning procedure, Vistara disinfects and sanitizes all its aircraft before every take off and performs deep cleaning every 24 hours. Powerful, in-built air filtration systems on all of Vistara’s aircraft ensure elimination of viruses and bacteria to refresh the cabin air every 2-3 minutes.

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