Voonik acquires Dekkoh, a styling and personalisation app

Voonik, India’s leading personalization – focused fashion marketplace, announced the acquisition of Dekkoh. Voonik has been expanding rapidly and has brought newer businesses into its fold with a vision of offering its customers the best online fashion experience. Over the last few months, the company has acqui-hired Zohraa, Picksilk, Styl, TrialKart and Getsy.

Dekkoh was founded by Aditya Chalsani and Varun Mathew, as a fashion discovery platform that allows users to chat one-on-one with their own personal stylist and buy clothing and accessories that suit them. It connects stylist community of more than 200 stylists to consumers seeking fashion advice and also have a rule based chat bot technology.

Voonik CEO and Co-Founder Sujayath Ali said, “Voonik is built around personalised fashion, to provide every customer a solution and opportunity to be fashionable every day. Personalisation is what has set us miles ahead of competition. Dekkoh platform is doing the same through an engaged community of stylists and a highly data driven profiling and chatbots. We will use their expertise in further strengthening our personalization engine. There is a great synergy between the Voonik and Dekkoh platforms and we are happy to onboard a talented team.”
Aditya Chalasani, Co-founder of Dekkho said, “We believe personalisation is the future of online fashion. Voonik is the ideal platform that will help us scale up our offering to 15 million customers across the country.”

Dekkoh founding team: Aditya Chalasani, Graduated from University of Southern California in 2011, worked at Oracle in California. Was a founding member of Citizens for Accountable Governance, that was a part of PM Modi’s 2014 election campaign, after which he co- founded Dekkoh.

Varun Mathew, Graduated from NLSIU Bangalore in 2011, was an Angela Merkel Fellow studying the Euro Crisis in 2012. Worked as a PE & M&A Lawyer at 2 of India’s largest law firms, and extensively in the Microfinance Industry, after which he co-founded Dekkoh.

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