WheelsEye launches a help & support portal for truck owners and truck drivers affected by coronavirus outbreak

In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent pan-India lockdown, WheelsEye, a hyper growing startup focused on empowering truck owners, is working on the forefront to ensure the wellbeing of on-ground heroes of the country’s logistics sector.

WheelsEye has launched Truck Maalik Sahayata Kendra, an online portal aimed at empowering fleet owners and truck drivers by delivering important news and policy-related announcements concerning the transportation industry to them. The free to use portal is available in 8 regional languages including Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, etc., and more are being added.

The online portal can also be accessed by truck owners and drivers stranded on the highways to locate the nearest government authorized and private food & shelter centres at 2000+ locations across India. Users can also search for nearest maintenance workshops and repair centres authorized by the government on the account of the mandated lockdown.

India’s logistics space employs more than 8 million people and is considered as the backbone of Indian Economy. In the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak and the mandated lockdown, on-ground economic functions are halted not just in India but the world over. In light of this disruption, WheelsEye, as one of the biggest stakeholders of this giant ecosystem, is committed to the wellbeing of the industry and enabling the economy by empowering fleet owners.

Mr. Sonesh Jain, a core team member and EIR at WheelsEye, who is also leading this initiative said, “We decided to step up and use the resources, reach, and knowledge that are already at our disposal and package them into a platform to support truckers and the industry in general. We spoke to thousands of truckers and found that while their businesses are affected, there is also a widespread lack of awareness around what the government is already doing to support the transportation industry. Consequently, we aggregated all such information and resources at one place and launched a help centre aimed at helping fleet owners and drivers who are among some of the worst hit by the ongoing pandemic. The idea here is to support the industry by solving the problems that they are facing on ground such as EMI issues, food and shelter related issues, curbing fake news, awareness around industry friendly policies etc. As a logistics brand on the forefront of redefining the country’s transportation ecosystem, WheelsEye stepped into the fray to address the emerging challenges by extending online support.”

Truckers can also reach a dedicated helpline on +91 9990033455 all 7 days a week and resolve their problems with WheelsEye. Within 20 days of launch, the portal has garnered 2 million+ page views benefiting 2Lakh+ people already. Validating its positive impact, over 90% of users who accessed the help portal for information expressed their relief at having their anxieties and problems resolved. Moreover, the content being put up on the portal has been rated highly by 95% of the readers to date for its acute relevance and support quotient.

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