LG’s gaming monitors help to bring Sporting Games to Life like never-before

Playing video games is an intrinsic part of growing up, especially in India. During the lockdown, millions of Indians have been stuck to their screens playing everything from FIFA to PubG to Ludo King. Reports have found that internet traffic in India experienced an immense rise in the past few months. Online gaming traffic also grew during that period.

In today’s world having an PC Monitor is not enough. For high-definition gaming which gives you a true immersive experience we need a Gaming Monitor with a high response rate. As E-sports takes over the world the eternal battle between Xbox and PlayStation reach new heights. And the best way to experience the cutting-edge technology giving players a competitive edge is the other-worldly experience on LG’s Ultra Gear 4K monitors.

Built for a professional e-sports player, the Ultra Gear monitor is especially engineered through AI-driven technology to deliver exceptional response times (up to 240Hz) and 1ms Motion Blur reduction and NANO IPS screens that cover the professional film industry’s 98 percent of DCI-P3 colour space standard. Thus, the game is free from unprofessional blurs with a vibrant colour palette illuminating the screen. So, you can get that goal in for FC Barcelona, feeling Camp Nou championing you on in full vigour.

The 21:9 full HD Curved, IPS display screen in the LG Ultra Gear series is as wide as a gaming monitor gets with an exceptional 144Hz refresh rate provides a fluid game play and a dynamic field of view. Equipped with G-SYNC and Radeon FreeSync2, these monitors are also built to include a seamless flow of media without stuttering and provides fluid HDR streaming. So, it will not matter if you use an AMD or Nvidia graphics card. LG’s 4K gaming monitor has been certified for HDR10 and DisplayHDR 600 content with 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, for the near-perfection display resolution.

The monitor also features LG’s signature minimalist design sensibilities with an innovative sphere lighting feature which essentially completes your gaming set-up and gets you geared up for victory.

Originally unveiled in CES 2020, the Ultra Gear Gaming Monitor by LG is a revolution in display technology, which has received unanimous praise among reviewers and fans alike. Be it a re-cap or Live Sports or a marathon Gaming night, LG has you covered. High resolution images help you find the optimum visual pleasure to appease to both your unconscious and conscious- making it as seamless as possible to enjoy sports sitting in your living room.

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