Siemens iQ700 Ovens launched in India

BSH Home Appliances launched iQ700 range of built-in ovens under the Siemens brand in India.

The new range of ovens is available in standard 60 x 60 cm dimensions which are tailored to perfection for different use cases, as per consumer preferences. With the perfectly illuminated interiors of the oven, consumers no longer have to peep through the glass. Powered by two modern and energy-efficient LED lights, the dual LED, the iQ700 range enables consumers to enjoy the view of scrumptious food with no barriers. The Home Connect feature makes life simpler for the users with a range of innovative features integrated into the oven. Made for smart Indian households, consumers can control the oven programs easily through Voice Control, smartphone, tablet, or touch display via the Home Connect App. 


Commenting on the latest launch from Siemens, Saif Khan, MD & CEO, BSH Home Appliances India said, “We are truly excited to introduce the Siemens iQ700 ovens in India which pave the way for the future of cooking with an array of industry-first features.  For over a century, Siemens has been synonymous with innovation, quality, and precision in the world of home appliances. With the iQ700 range, we are not only continuing this rich tradition but also redefining it for the digital age. 

With this latest addition, we invite you to embark on a journey that combines the trusted heritage of Siemens appliances with the limitless possibilities of the future.  At BSH Home Appliances, we are committed to enhancing your everyday life, and the Siemens iQ700 ovens are a shining example of that commitment. We ensure that with this new range, the kitchen takes care of the cooking and our customers can take care of their friends and family!” 

The Siemens iQ700 range has various intelligent features that consumers can benefit from, including the following: 

Perfect for Indian households: This new range boasts advanced cooking technology and ensures even yet precise heating, eliminating the dreaded cold spots or overcooked edges. The new iQ700 oven comes with Individual Browning and offers five different browning levels for the perfect crunch. From reheating leftovers to preparing delicate sauces, each dish emerges with the perfect texture and taste, matching the consumer preference. With the 4D Air mechanism, consumers can ensure their raw meats and everyday food like rice are cooked to perfection. The fullSteam Plus function of the new iQ700 oven enables a healthier way of cooking, while also preserving the freshness and nutrients of vegetables and retaining vibrant colours. 

Smart product for the smart consumer: The new iQ700 range is completely under the user’s control. Pre-programmed cooking settings for various dishes, defrosting options, and customizable power levels, allow users to tailor their cooking experience effortlessly. The oven’s menu comes with a high-resolution TFT-Touch display. An industry first, with the largest oven display, the high-contrast color screen offers you easy-to-use navigation. 

The integrated camera of the new Siemens iQ700 ovens makes it a complete game-changer in Indian kitchens redefining convenience for consumers.   It allows you to monitor the cooking process remotely via a smartphone app or other connected devices. This can be especially useful if you need to keep an eye on your food while you’re in another part of the house or even outside.

The camera provides a clear view of your food, allowing chefs to select the degree of its browning level as per taste and preference.  This feature is extremely useful for dishes that require precise timing and browning, such as roasts, baked goods, or casseroles.  For food bloggers and professional chefs, visual documentation of the cooking process is essential.  With the integrated camera, they can capture high-quality time-lapse videos of each step, from preparation to the final presentation.    When a user encounters difficulties with their oven, they can use the integrated camera to provide live or recorded visuals of the issue to customer support or service technicians. This can facilitate remote diagnostics and reduce the need for in-person service calls. 

Ultimately, the Home Connect App also alerts consumers when the dish is ready and the oven switches off automatically. Several other in-built technologies like cookControl Pro, bakingSensor Plus and roastinSensor Plus guarantee baking and roasting to be more satisfying than ever before. 

Intuitive by design: Blending seamlessly with modern kitchen aesthetics, the iQ700 range features a sleek and minimalist design vividly enhancing the beauty of any culinary space. Its shiny finish and premium build quality are a testament to Siemen’s offerings. With the best high-quality glass used, it’s designed to keep the heat inside and to build a beautiful surface for your oven.  The handle appears to be invisible when viewed from the front. The easy-to-use varioClip Rails Plus offers a unique, yet flexible cooking experience. The easy mounting system allows consumers to apply the telescopic rails at any height, whichever is perfect for a certain, chosen dish, even on the grill level. The full-extension rail system makes it convenient to load and unload any food safely. 

Aftercare, taken care of: After all the baking and cooking, the activeClean feature takes care that the oven gets back into its brightly polished condition by using the pyrolysis technology: high heat turns dirt and stains into ashes. One touch of the button and a sponge is all that’s required for the dirt to be swept up. 

The Siemens iQ700 range of built-in ovens is available at Siemens brand stores across India. Customers can walk into the Experience Centers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore to gather insights on the usage of these premium ovens and get personalized assistance on the intelligent features of this new range of ovens

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