Why dishwashers are better than hand washing

For decades, people believed that washing clothes by hand is the best way, until they started realising that washing machines do a better job of delivering clean, fresh and dry clothes. A similar trend will soon be observed for another emerging category- Dishwashers!

Contrary to popular belief, using dishwashers is not only more hygienic but it also ensures that our resources are used more effectively. A dishwasher saves time and provides far more optimised use of water and electricity. Read on to find out why you should switch to using a dishwasher to benefit your family as well as the environment:

Improve the standards of Food Safety in the kitchen

  • It is a general misconception that dishwashers do not clean utensils as effectively as washing dishes manually.
  • However, dishwashers are more sanitary because they put the dishes through several cycles of scalding hot water, which disinfects them while cleaning. Most dishwashers use water in the temperature range of approximately 65–71 °C, which is impossible to be matched by manual dishwashing.
  • According to various reports, there are more germs in the kitchen than any other spot in the house, including bathrooms. Kitchen sinks are highly unsanitary which makes them unsuitable for washing utensils as effectively as dishwashers. 
  • Lastly, washing dishes in a dishwasher is safer because there is less handling of the dishes compared to hand-washing. This reduces the chances of dishes being broken and reduces the chance of being cut by broken glassware.

Help the Environment

  • With the latest developments in the area of technology, modern dishwashers are faster, more hygienic and better for the environment due to their energy efficiency feature.
  • According to a 2007 study by the University of Bonn, Germany, dishwashers used at least 80% less water compared to washing dishes by hand.
  • In dishwashers, the amount of low-phosphate or phosphate-free dishwasher detergent is significantly less than liquid detergent used for washing an equal amount of dishes by hand. 

Economic Benefits

  • Most people have the habit of leaving the tap running while doing dishes by hand. This leads to extensive amounts of water being wasted and makes it difficult to wash dishes by hand as efficiently as a dishwashing machine.
  • Modern dishwashers are more energy and water efficient, which helps people save a large amount on their water and electricity bills. These energy efficient devices use substantially less electricity than older models and have better cost of running.
  • Dishwashers equipped with Inverter Motor help lower the noise and energy consumption. These motors have a low frequency and fewer vibrations, whereas the variable speed circulation motor allows people to regulate the amount of water and energy

More personal time for you and your family 

  • Installing a dishwasher at home has some serious time-saving benefits as people can just run the dishwasher and invest that time into doing something productive, instead of slaving away at the sink scrubbing heavy utensils like ‘kadhai’.
  • Voltas Beko’s dishwashers are designed keeping in mind the requirements of Indian consumers, efficiently removing stains from the vessels like ‘kadhai’ using less energy in a shorter amount of time, making them perfect for Indian households.  
  • This is crucial in times of self-isolation as there is a significant increase in time spent on household chores, eating into precious time that can rather be spent with family or on self-improvement. 
  • In one year, washing dishes in a dishwasher rather than by hand saves more than 230 hours of your time, according to the Energy Star Qualified Dishwasher Partner Resource Guide, published by the U.S. Department of Energy.


  • Often, people hesitate to switch because of space constraints; unaware that dishwashers are available in different sizes that are suitable for Indian kitchens.
  • Voltas Beko’s Table top dishwasher models are easy to install and accommodate even in crammed kitchen spaces.
  • In addition, they make the kitchens look cleaner and bigger as people no longer have to leave a heap of unwashed dishes on the sink and kitchen counter.

Stress Reducer 

  • Dishwashers have many benefits but the biggest benefit is peace of mind that people get from delegating their household chores to machines.
  • For many people, doing the dishes is a major source of stress as it is an unpleasant activity and they are prone to letting them pile up. 
  • Several studies have highlighted the parallels between increased clutter in the home leading to increased stress levels. With unwashed dishes piling up, people find a hard time focusing on other activities.
  • Having a dishwasher at home helps reduce this stress by allowing people to do what they really want to do, while simultaneously getting all the soiled utensils clean in the background. 
  • Modern dishwashers have powerful jets that provide intense water pressure to clean heavily soiled pots and pans in a jiffy. Several dishwasher also have flexible water pressure that ensures efficient and gentle washing for all kinds of dishes. 

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