Bajaj Capital announces Covid-19 vaccination drive for employees and family members

Bajaj Capital has started a mass vaccination drive across the country. The organization has set up a team to help all employees coordinate vaccination for themselves and their families across the country. In Delhi and other major cities, camps are being set up at offices where employees and their families can come for vaccination. In the next phase, Bajaj Capital intends to run the vaccination drive for its clients too so they can get easy access to vaccine.

In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, this initiative is a small step towards safeguarding the lives of employees and their dependent family members. The management is extending a helping hand to the employees for their hard work, dedication, and passion even in this difficult period.

To begin with, the company will run the vaccination drive in Nehru Place, Head Office, for all team members in Delhi/NCR. Those who have not yet taken vaccination have been advised to complete their registration for the vaccination programme, which will be conducted in various batches. The entire programme will be on a first come first serve basis and in batches of 250- 300 team members starting from 28th May 2021.

Speaking on the initiative, Sanjiv Bajaj, Joint Chairman & MD, Bajaj Capital says, “Bajaj Capital has always been proactively coming forward to take care of the employee’s needs. This is an unprecedented situation and the management has taken a conscious decision to come forward and help our team members to get vaccinated comfortably. We want each member of our workforce to stay safe and also keep their spirits high in the fight against the virus.

The welfare of our employees has always remained our top priority and has become more important at this point in time. Keeping this into consideration, we are partnering with health care providers to get all employees and their family members vaccinated.”

The company has collaborated with some major hospitals in the country for the vaccination drive across the nation. Looking at the shortage of vaccines currently in the market and the efforts that the company has put in for this collaboration, the management has advised all the team members who are yet not vaccinated to take the benefit of this vaccination drive and come forward to get vaccinated.

Suniana Mattoo Khanna, Chief People Officer, Bajaj Capital says “We have set up a team of 10 HR professionals looking at 10 to 15 locations each to help & ensure all staff and their families are vaccinated in that area. Vaccination will be done under the supervision of Doctors, while following the protocols of maintaining social distancing, usage of masks, and sanitization.”

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