CELEBI is ready for handling Covid -19 vaccine and its distribution from Delhi Airport

In preperation for a domestic and global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management, the joint venture between DIAL and Çelebi Ground Handling, is working dedicatedly on preparing proficient handling scenarios for the import and export of various types of vaccines in a safe and efficient way. The distribution will take place through its state-of-the-art Çelebi Pharma Logistics Center situated at Delhi Airport, which has the capacity of 72,000 MT annually.

Vaccines, in general, must be handled in line with International regulatory requirements at controlled temperature and without delay to ensure the quality of product. For this, Çelebi has been investing heavily in infrastructure and services for pharmaceutical air cargo for the past few years. Çelebi Pharma Logistics Center is equipped with the facility of temperature-controlled chambers for storage of consignments ranging between minus 25 to plus 25 degrees centigrade with humidity control to prevent moisture damage. Çelebi was the first handler in India to deploy “Cool Dollies” to extend the cool chain (-20 to +25 Celsius) till the aircraft bays on the airside. These are refrigerated containers on wheels, which ferry one complete aircraft pallet / 2 baggage containers to/from aircrafts at a pre-defined temperature and adjustable to suit the requirements of the temperature sensitive products.

Commenting on Celebi’s preparedness, Murali Ramachandran, CEO India, Çelebi Aviation said “We are proud that Çelebi is able to play a leading role in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in India and globally. We understand the need for a strong emphasis on pursuing the highest standards in pharmaceutical cargo handling. These vaccines require rigorous temperature control throughout the entire supply chain, therefore, Çelebi is operationally ready to handle the Covid -19 vaccines with a commitment to ensure Speed, Security, Reliability, and Transparency in our handlings. We have also set up a special 24×7 duty managers desk to oversee these movements. Our endeavor use our expertise and capabilities to support the ecosystem to help fight this pandemic “.

Çelebi is working closely with existing airline operators and freight forwarders to understand their specific requirements and attracting large number of non-scheduled operators to bring in ad- hoc freighters with COVID-19 vaccine in the near future. The Company has the infrastructure and capabilities to handle as many charters as required, at its facility and ensure a quick ‘Turn Around Time’ of all aircrafts. Besides warehousing, Çelebi offers ground handling services to these freighter operators which gives them a cost benefit and single window interaction possibility.

Key features and priorities for preparing Çelebi’s facility for vaccine handling include priority handling of trucks carrying vaccines, dedicated truck dock bays at Export Pharma Logistics Center, dedicated delivery gate for import vaccine and quick TAT of all trucks. Other facilities include cool dolly and “Tyvec” cover availability, along with dry ice, batteries, thermal blankets etc. at Pharma Mini Shop. There is also provision for unitizing in temperature-controlled zones and data tracking and monitoring. The Company has the required trained and qualified staff to carry out the same. Çelebi is also the only stocking station for “Envirotainers” in Delhi. “Envirotainers are active temperature controlled containers.

Çelebi has achieved GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certification for its Exports Pharma Logistics Centre and Pharma Processing Facility in Import for Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal. The Company will also soon be accredited with CEIV certification to serve its customers better.

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