Logistics firm Blowhorn ensures timely deliveries of critical medical aid for the fight against COVID

 The fastest growing intra-city logistics firm, Blowhorn developed a real-time tracking platform to aid the National Capital in the fight against COVID by ensuring timely delivery of life-saving medical equipment like, Oxygen Concentrators to hospitals and patients.

India is in the midst of the worst healthcare crisis due to the second wave of the ongoing pandemic. The national capital of Delhi has been one of the most affected in the country as it battles an acute shortage of medical infrastructure and shortage of oxygen supply. With all the aid pouring in from various NGOs, corporates and others, one of the key challenges was to keep a track of the stock and ensure that it reaches the beneficiaries and hospitals without losing much time.

Blowhorn identified this challenge and with its extensive experience of supply chain technology quickly created a tracking platform. The QR Code based OC Tracking platform which was created within a span of just 72 hours has been helping the Delhi Government keep a real-time track of the donated oxygen concentrators by bringing them on to a centralized platform.

The platform which is being used extensively is currently tracking an available inventory of 3514 oxygen concentrators across 18 hospitals in Delhi. Till date, the platform has already completed 2712 inventory transactions since its inception in less than 30 days.

“The speed at which the Blowhorn Tech team, led by our CTO Santosh responded is a testament to what we do best – solve the toughest logistical problems. This led us to other agencies who reached out to us for help and we are glad to serve the nation.” Mithun Srivatsa, Founder and CEO, Blowhorn commented.

The application, which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store (https://octracking.blowhorn.com android app link), stores an inventory of the equipment available across the city. Once a donation is received, a QR code is attached to it which helps in tracking the oxygen concentrator as it gets supplied to various hospitals as per the requirement and availability. The platform also allows users to assess the quality of the equipment and make informed decisions on their availability.

The OC Tracking platform consists of 2 components

  1. Web Portal App: To upload the inventory received post which a QR code is generated which can be assigned to the oxygen concentrators for user management.
  2. OC Track Android App: A simple to use android app to receive, perform quality checks and dispatch the concentrators to other hospitals/departments as per requirement.

The most important aspect of this initiative is the swiftness with which it was implemented. Santosh, CTO, Blowhorn, said, “The experience of managing geodata with an easy-to-use android app for our Blowhorn fleet helped us stitch together a quick map and track platform, thereby saving hundreds of hours in planning, tracking and MIS. This ensured that the quality checked Oxygen Concentrators (OC) reach the health care institutions on time.”

On the back of the success of helping with the oxygen crisis in Delhi, Blowhorn is currently in talks with the governments of Karnataka and Maharashtra to aid with the help of the platform. The platform also aims to expand its tracking system from oxygen concentrators to other medical equipment and devices as well.

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