Myths on COVID -19

1. Does drinking hot water or having Hot peppers protect me from COVID-19?
No, the virus particle is inside our cells and there is no substantial data that hot water or peppers can stop virus replication.

2. Does hot temperature kills COVID 19?
While the survival of the virus decreases in hot temperature, regular weather up to 48 degrees centigrade and only shown mild effect on reducing viral transmission

3. Does drinking disinfectant or sanitizer kills the virus?
No! please do not do this, it will kill or seriously injure.

4. How safe it is to take the pneumonia and influenza vaccine for COVID 19?
Unfortunately, those vaccines will not protect you from this virus.

5. After being curd from COVID-19, does chances of getting infected remains?
While we should have immunity for the near future, it is unknown how long that immunity will last and whether we will need booster vaccines in the future or not.

6. Will eating garlic and turmeric prevent from COVID-19?
Eating a balanced diet with all essential minerals and vitamins will improve our immunity and will give us a better chance of fighting off this infection, no single food will prevent this disease.

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