Omicron variant will be controlled through awareness: Dr. Heda

Indian-American Doctor Shashank Heda, the founder of ‘CovidRxExchange’, has advised people to be cautious with the new variant of Corona, Omicron. According to Dr. Heda, the Omicron variant changes shape faster than the Delta and Delta Plus variants. Due to the ability of more mutations, it attacks our immune system. It is a matter of concern that people who have got both doses of Covid19 are also falling prey to it. Dr. Heda was addressing the program ‘Friday Dialogue’ organized by the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) on Friday.

Speaking on the topic ‘Omicron: Our Responsibility’ Dr. Shashank Heda said that we must be alert in order to avoid Omicron. All COVID19 practices and guidelines must be followed. When putting on the mask, make sure that your mouth and nose are properly covered. People who have not yet received the vaccine are at a higher risk of Omicron’s severity, according to him. It is very important to get the vaccine. If anybody has not yet administered both doses, they should do so right away.

According to Dr. Heda, the initial symptoms of Omicron infected patients can be fever, extreme fatigue, headache, body ache and sore throat etc. However, like the Delta variant, symptoms like loss of smell and taste, increased pulse rate and decreased oxygen level are not visible at the moment. He said that to protect against Omicron, we should include such things in our diet, which are present in sufficient amounts of vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C.

The Head of the Outreach Department Prof. (Dr.) Pramod Kumar moderated the program and welcome address was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Sunetra Sen Narayan. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Nisa Askari, Academic Associate of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations.

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