Rajasthan gets a centralized manpower repository

Rajasthan government has compiled data from all existing employment and skill database along with that of returning migrants to develop a centralised system that will ensure jobs and help to cold start the industries in the state. The ‘Raj Kaushal’ portal launched by Rajasthan government, is a vision of the state chief minister Ashok Gehlot for empowering the manpower and industry for a cold start after a long lockdown. It is the first such portal in the country to connect the migrant workers job opportunities in the home state.

Along with nearly 13 lakh migrants to have come home to state following the COVID crisis, the portal has a database of more than 50 lakh citizens categorised with their skill set and work experience. It also holds information of 11 lakh registered business institutions in the state that can be a potential employer for these. Many of these business are open for hiring as many of their previous workers from other states have returned home.

“It is the futuristic vision of chief minister Ashok Gehlot that along with addressing the issue of employment for migrants, the state has developed a centralized system for providing all citizens better access for job opportunities available in state,” says labour minister of Rajasthan, Tikaram Julie.

The pandemic of COVID and subsequent lockdown has disrupted the industrial process and job scenario across the country. The Raj Kausal while intends to restore a balance in the state, it also holds possibilities to generate information and trends that can help the government draft better skill and industrial policies. It has compelled data from existing records of Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation, Industrial Training Institutes, EEMS, labour department, registered construction workers, migrant form and is also open for new registrations.

“Raj kausal app is a bridge between industry and labouers, to improve availability of opportunities and empower the economy. Government of Rajasthan will ensure that the demands of the industry will be met,” Niraj K Pawan, secretary labour and employment government of Rajasthan.

https://rajkaushal.rajasthan.gov.in/  is developed by the state department of information technology and communications for the Labour department. The workers can log in using mobile phone generated OTP, data of migrant labourers filled in form-4 while entering the state is being regularly updated in the system and will be available on registration page after OTP validation. In order to make the portal, even more, user friendly, the site has been designed in Hindi language.

Those seeking employment can register through the Shramik/JanShakti criteria while the businesses need to register under the Niyokta (employer) category. According to the officials the Centralised repository of manpower in the state is an evolving process and will continue to include more skill categories and applicants.  The portal had 13,13,679 migrants workers, 22,33,233 registered construction workers, 3,37,724 RSLDC trained and 1,21,253 ITI trained persons along with 13,27,436 those registered on EEMS. There are also 11,18,810 employers registered on the portal.

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