UV sterilization box by Green Grapes Devices helps to disinfect and protect within three minutes of use

Green Grapes Devices, a Delhi based startup for digital display solutions announced the introduction of its latest product UV sterilization box to disinfect and sanitize small-sized objects like watches, mobile phones, ring, currency etc. The new solution is an extension to its pack of existing solutions for curbing the effect of Covid-19 using UVC light.

During these unprecedented times, as we prepare to step outside for work and restore normalcy around us, daily use objects pose the threat of transmitting the virus further. While regular washing of hands and maintaining social distancing are some of the effective measures to avoid catching the novel coronavirus, disinfecting and sanitizing our everyday use objects have become even more essential. While scientists across the globe are discovering vaccines to contest the battle against coronavirus, it is of utmost importance for us as citizens of the country to take all the necessary precautions and combat the spread of the virus.

UV sterilization box

Recent studies state that the virus can live up to three days on surfaces like- plastic and steel. The new UV Sterilization box ushers a new era of protection from the virus breeding on the surface of non-porous objects providing prevention against the wrath of coronavirus. The UV sterilization box addresses the challenge of disinfecting any object that fits inside it within three minutes with its multifunctional sterilizer built inside the box.

Piyush Sahni, co-founder, Green Grapes Devices, said, “We at Green Grapes Devices are on a lookout for newer and unique technology each passing day. With the announcement of the introduction of UV sterilization box, we are trying to deliver exclusive products to the market with our relentless commitment to safeguarding our customers from the spread of COVID-19. The box can be easily accessed and used in households, shops, and factories”

He added that “The UV light inside the box helps to kill the virus and disinfect the object within three minutes of use, making it efficient and promising in fighting the spread of the virus which lay on the surface of our daily use, often ignored at times.”

Green Grapes Devices new range of products deliver unprecedented protection with the sole purpose of withstanding the spread of the virus by introducing new and unique digital solutions such as Sanitization gun, Sanitization Nano-Spray and UV Sterilizer box. These products enable households, organizations, and enterprises of all sizes to achieve competence in protection and resilience while we struggle and battle this pandemic.

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