Salesforce deepens its commitment to education workforce development in India

Salesforce announced USD $2 Million in direct company donations to over 22 nonprofits across India. With a strategic focus on education and workforce development, these grants are expected to impact 40,000+ individuals across India.

Globally, Salesforce has reached over half a billion dollars in all-time philanthropic giving — a total of USD $532 million in grants since its founding. Salesforce also surpassed $100 million in annual giving in the 2022 fiscal year — a first for the company.

These grants provided to select NGOs across India will be geared towards making systemic changes focused primarily on:

  • Education: Aiming to give every child access to quality education, Salesforce will partner with institutions such as Meghshala Trust, Inquilab Foundation, Learning Curve Foundation and many more to future-proof students and individuals while democratizing quality education. Together, students will have access to Hybrid learning spaces, Social Emotional Learning, STEM & early education.
  • Workforce Development: Focused on enabling individuals to build meaningful careers. Salesforce in partnership with organisations such as Katalyst, Navgurukul, Feminist Approach and more, is equipping individuals with skills to help imrpove their employment opportunities, ensuring untapped talent can build social capital, excel their careers, and the tools to potentially improve economic prosperity.
  • Equality: Everyone, regardless of their race or ethnicity, should have an equal shot at career development and representation. Together with partners such as United Way of Hyderabad, Enable India and Protsahan India Foundation, Salesforce is committed to building resilience in young people and families breaking down inequalities through grants, employee giving, volunteering, technology, and partnerships.

Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO and Chairperson, Salesforce India, said, “At Salesforce, we believe in the power of businesses to be a platform for change. In India, as we seek to build a more just and equitable society, we understand this vision isn’t ours alone. We continue to work with employees, schools, nonprofits and community leaders in providing equal access to quality education for all. These grants are a testament to the power of collaboration to drive true change and impact.”

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