Amazon Future Builders Program (AFBP) prepares MBA graduates at Amazon

Amazon launched its flagship leadership development program ‘Amazon Future Builders Program’ (AFBP) for students enrolled in premier B-Schools in India. Amazon Future Builders Program (AFBP) is geared towards MBA students who want to pursue a career at Amazon. The program allows students to gain a breadth of experience across Amazon’s businesses through a two-month ‘Incubator’ period, followed by a 24-30 month period where they gain domain expertise in particular ‘Lines of Business’ (LoBs). The in-depth business experience will be augmented with learning, training, networking, and mentorship opportunities. The culmination of this experience will lead to students emerging as future leaders poised to occupy key leadership roles at Amazon.

AFBP has been introduced to provide students with crucible experiences to build their future careers at Amazon. It provides role clarity within our Day 1 builder mindset to roles, provides opportunities to hone highly specialized and general management talent who can take on leadership roles in the future, creates a ‘One Amazon’ value proposition that students can easily identify, opt for, and find valuable and helps Amazon position itself as an employer of choice at top B-School campuses.

The eight-week ‘Incubator’ period provides AFBP participants an opportunity to gain exposure across varied lines of business such as AWS, Consumer, HR, Advertising, Devices, Operations, Finance and Video. Students undergo immersive experiences and learn more about Amazon’s ‘Day 1’ philosophy, the company culture, and get acquainted with the processes and mechanisms that Amazonians use every day. The business swim lanes thereafter, allow students to gain domain or functional knowledge depending on the program design of the line of business they are assigned to. Graduation is defined as completion of the 24-30 month program curriculum curated by the respective business swim lane to provide crucible experience to the participants that will aid in their skills and leadership development. Participants are eligible for promotion at any time during the program duration subject to recommendation from the manager and subsequent promotion review process as defined by respective line of business

Swati Rustagi, Director, HR, Amazon India, said, “Amazon has launched its flagship leadership development program ‘Amazon Future Builders Program’ (AFBP) for students enrolled in premier B-Schools in India. We have worked backwards from the business needs to curate a student hiring program which offers a unique value proposition. AFBP is designed to transform students into well rounded business leaders who demonstrate the ability to think critically, solve complex business problems and are well assimilated into our peculiar culture which will enable them to build long term career with Amazon.”

For graduating MBA students, there is no minimum work experience required to join AFBP. There are two ways to be selected for AFBP. First, first year MBA students can apply for a summer/autumn internship and can qualify for a pre-placement offer (PPO) at the end of the internship. Second, final year MBA students can apply for direct hiring through final placements at campus. AFBP will be offered at the top business schools in India starting with the FY21 final placement season. To apply to AFBP students can check out page or check with placement committees on campus.

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