Brainly introduces Math Solver in India to provide access to 24/7 subject-related assistance to students

Many students struggle with mathematics – and these struggles only amplify when they try to find help with their problems online. As per a recent survey by Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform for students and parents, 33% of Indian students pointed to mathematics as a challenging subject that they need the most help with while doing their holiday homework. It is this glaring need-gap that Brainly is now addressing with the launch of Math Solver in India. The new tool is now available 24/7 and will assist users with finding solutions for the most complex mathematical problems.

Brainly Math Solver helps users by allowing them to instantly get step-by-step guidance while solving complex problems by simply snapping a picture of the problem or manually writing the equation on the device’s touchscreen. The AI instantly analyses the problem and provides the solution with a detailed step-by-step explanation, at times aided by graphical/visual representations for better comprehension.

Launched as part of Brainly’s suite of learning tools, Math Solver is available on all Android mobile and tablet devices and has received strong market reception in the US following its launch earlier this year. The tool will be especially useful for Indian students and parents, who are currently struggling to find quality assistance online for mathematics-related issues.

Speaking on the launch, Rajesh Bysani, CPO at Brainly, said, “With India currently under lockdown, students and parents often have only online resources to assist them whenever they hit a learning-related bottleneck. However, finding quality help for a subject as complicated as mathematics is difficult. We are confident that our innovative solution will help students to better appreciate the beauty of mathematics instead of getting intimidated by it.”

Highlights of the Math Solver include:

1.       Simply scan the math problem with your smartphone’s camera

2.       Answers are displayed instantly

3.       With step-by-step guidance, providing deeper levels of understanding for students and parents alike

4.       Where relevant, graphical representations of equations are also available

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