Toppr launches Toppr Codr to teach K12 students coding

Toppr has announced the launch of Toppr Codr – one-on-one live coding classes for children aged between 6 and 18 years. Toppr Codr will teach young students how to create their own apps, websites, games, and other interactive platforms using creative and playful experiences from their daily lives.

The curriculum of Toppr Codr, created by graduates from MIT and IITs,  includes on-demand and self-paced modules, adaptive paths, one-on-one live personalised classes, and output based learning. Students can opt for basic or advanced levels of coding, based on their preference.

Sharing his view on the launch of Toppr Codr, Mr. Zishaan Hayath, CEO of Toppr, said, “The 21st century workforce will be way different from today’s. It will be centered around technologies that did not exist 20 years ago and technologies that are yet to be created. Coding will be pivotal to this revolutionary change. With Codr, we take the ethos of Toppr — personalisation, great UX, deep content — to create coding courses that are engaging, challenging and fun.”

“For Toppr Codr, we have been actively involved for content creation, teacher selection as well as the overall project curation process. We are investing $6 Million into Toppr Codr for hiring, operations, technology and marketing.” he added further.

Toppr Codr will be leveraging advanced technologies ranging from block-based to actual text-based coding platforms such as App Lab, Thunkable, Java, Arduino, and React Native along with Python for ML/AI etc. It is a valuable real-time extension beyond the regular school curriculum, helping bring skills needed to excel in the fourth industrial revolution to the students of K-12 education.

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